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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Acute medication?

An acute medication is a medication for a short-term condition, or a medication needed Immediately.

What is a Chronic medication?

A chronic medication also known as a maintenance medication.  These medications are used for an ongoing medical condition or a long-term condition.

What is the definition of the Pharmacy Wholesale Club formulary?

The Pharmacy Wholesale Club formulary is a list of generic prescription medications that offer the greatest overall value on Acute and Chronic medications.

What if my medications aren’t on the acute or chronic formulary?

If your medication isn’t on the Acute formulary or Chronic Formulary you can take your prescription to a retail pharmacy and present your prescription card and you will receive the negotiated price.

How do I get my medications to Pharmacy Wholesale Club Home delivery?

Your doctor can escribe, fax or call in your prescriptions directly to America’s Pharmacy Source Home Delivery Service.  Our staff will receive the prescription and contact you to verify personal and payment information. 

NPI # 1356814529 | NCPDP 3686675 | Fax Number 330-753-7840 | Phone 855-822-0463

How can my doctor get my prescriptions to Pharmacy Wholesale Club Home delivery?

The options for getting a prescription to Pharmacy Wholesale Club Home delivery are:

1. Have your physician call in your prescriptions at 855-822-0463, option 2 for the pharmacy

2. Have your Physician e-scribe your prescription (send electronically using the information for Pharmacy Wholesale Club NPI: 1356814529

3. Have your Physician fax your prescription to the fax# 855-636-5473

4. Have Pharmacy Wholesale Club call your pharmacy to transfer your prescription.

5. Mail in your prescriptions to the Address below:

Pharmacy Wholesale Club | 947 W. Waterloo Rd. | Akron, OH 44314

Please contact the Pharmacy Wholesale Club customer service should you need more assistance at 855-822-0463.

How do I know if my medication is an acute or chronic medication?

You can visit our website at pharmacywholesaleclub.com and go to drug pricing.  This information is also in the Welcome Member Booklet that you received  or you can call our Customer Service at 855-822-0463 and they can assist you also

How much is my medication going to cost me if it isn’t on the formulary?

You will need to take your prescription to a retail pharmacy, and they will need to process the prescription to obtain the negotiated price. Go to www pharmacywholesaleclub.com and click on Medications & Supplies and you will find the Pharmacy Locator to see which retail pharmacies our in our network.

What do I do if my mailing or shipping addresses changes?

For a change in your mailing address you will need to contact your group and let them know the change.  If your shipping address changes you can contact our Customer Service at 855-822-0463 and they can make the shipping address change for you.

What is the Pharmacy Wholesale Club Customer Service phone number?

The phone number is 855-822-0463

How long will it take to get my medications from Pharmacy Wholesale Club Home Delivery?

Once a valid, legal prescription is received and you have completed the Patient Order Form which is located on our website www.pharmacywholesaleclub.com and long into Member Resources or mail in the Patient Order Form that you received in the mail you should expect 5 business days of processing time.

What if I need my medications shipped faster?

You can call our Customer Service at 855-822-0463  and they will be able to help you.

The prices are:

UPS Next Day – $23.95

2nd Day Shipping – $17.95

3rd Day Shipping – $10.95

What is the Save on Diabetes program?

Saveon Diabetes Program is another added value that is offered through the Pharmacy Wholesale Club Home delivery.  Many oral diabetic medications and a Glucometer Kit with supplies is available for FREE.  The Kit includes a FORA Glucometer, 50 Testing strips, a lancet device, lancets and control solution.  Supplies are refilled for a minimal cost only through the Pharmacy Wholesale Club home delivery service.  

If you cannot find your medication listed on any of the Pharmacy Wholesale Club formularies, they can still be obtained using the pharmacy card at the retail stores, for a lower contractual rate at a 100% payment.  

Also, you may always contact the Pharmacy Wholesale Club Customer Service number 855-822-0463 to answer any questions you may have and help you with understanding the pharmacy benefit.

How can I find what OTC’s are covered and how much they are?

The Pharmacy Wholesale Club OTC formulary consists of some of the most commonly used medications that do not require a prescription.   Go to the pharmacywholesaleclub.com home page and click on the menu for Medications and Supplies tab to see the Over-The-Counter medications and pricing.  To order these, OTC’s you may contact the Customer Service at 855-822-0463

How do I get my medications transferred from my retail pharmacy to Pharmacy Wholesale Club home delivery?

If you need to transfer a prescription, we initiate a prescription request from your local retail pharmacy or physician, and have it transferred to Pharmacy Wholesale Club. If there are any issues facilitating the receipt or transferring your prescription to our pharmacy, we will reach out to you via email and or phone to get your assistance.

What is pharmacy coaching?

Our team of customer service representatives and Licensed Pharmacists will educate members on possible medication options and opportunities to save additional money when available.  We will consult with your and your doctor to inform you of the alternatives and help make the best decision for your personal and financial health.

What is Pharmacy Wholesale Club hours of operation?

The pharmacy hours are:

Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:00p.m. Est

Saturday 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Est

The customer service hours are:

Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00p.m. Est

Saturday 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Est

Is this a discount card?

This isn’t a discount card this is a membership card.

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    Andrew Behringer


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